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Everyone has Potential and that Means You! 

Our inspiration and creativity will assist you in portraying the aptitude and ability you truly possess


Who are we 

C.V. Design is based in Jersey in the Channel Islands.  
We have a great understanding of the local employment market but are equally able to design C.V.'s that will assist in obtaining a job interview out of the islands.  We are independent and not part of an employment agency.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and our relationship with our customers and also our success rate!  


What we do

C. V. Design aim is to produce first class C.V.'s  for job applicants.

We concentrate on producing a C.V. based on your true needs and aspirations.


Our main concerns are you, the employment you really want  and your C.V.  


We also compose application letters.


What we achieve

Our C.V.'s have helped people attend that all important interview. 

Many people have been pleased with our work and their C.V. has helped them attend that important interview. 





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