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About The C.V. Centre

Job in sight

The C.V. Centre has been established locally for over fifteen years and is run by a business woman with many years in sales and marketing who has received numerous sales awards.   She has also worked as a journalist, in market research and possesses graphic design skills.  This experience has proved invaluable in the production of highly professional Curriculum Vitae and Application letters.  Expert in wording the contents of this important document, our design skills  ensure that your C.V. is attractive and appropriate for the position you seek.  


Your C.V. is often the first thing a prospective employer will see and influences his or her decision as to whether to interview you.  Draw on our years of experience in the market place in order to gain that all important interview chance.  We know exactly what or what not to put in your C.V. and how to tailor make it for the job you are seeking.


Our knowledge of market forces is considerable and we know how to display the job-seeker's qualities in the best light. Our work has received numerous commendations from interviewers and over the years many customers have reported back that it has been our Curriculum Vitae that "got them through the door" to attend that important interview.  


Although we strive for quality, our charges are reasonable and well within the reach of the average job seeker. 


We understand the sensitivity of the job seeker's situation and confidentiality is strictly maintained.