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Curriculum Vitae Compilation


Please provide the following information by email to info@cvdesign.co.uk.

This information is treated as strictly confidential and once your CV is created and sent to you will be deleted from our system.


What type of position are you seeking?man thinking on beach

What is your short term goal?

What is your long term goal?

Please tell us what you consider to be your strengths?

Why do you want to change your job?


Your Full Name
Daytime Telephone Number
Home Telephone Number
Mobile Telephone Number
Address including Postcode and Parish (if in Channel Islands)
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Do you have a Driving Licence and if so what type is it?

Jersey residential qualifications
Are you Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed or Living with Partner?
If you reside in Jersey and do not have Jersey residential qualifications does your partner possess these?
Have you any children and if so what are their ages?



Name of Secondary School  

Date started and finished

Details of Examinations Passed with Grades

Further Education

Name of College/Training Centre/University
Dates started and finished
Subject Studied
Degree/Certificate/Diploma/Pass Result

Current Studies
If you are currently studying anything whether this be leisure or studying for a qualification please provide details

Technical and Computer Skills

Please provide details of Programmes you use and understand and knowledge of any systems used in your work such as accounting systems, reservations systems, till systems

Other Information

Any Particular Responsibilities when being educated i.e. Prefect, Head of House, Sport Captain

Any Achievements Recognised

Details of any languages you speak and how well you can speak, understand, read and write these.

Please start with your present or most recent job and work backwards.  Please provide the following information.

Name of Employer

Address of Employer

Finishing date

Start date


Duties Any awards or achievements

Reason for Leaving

If you have not worked for any period of time, please explain why.

Please provide details or your hobbies, interests and do not forget voluntary help, charity work and achievements.

Name, Address, Telephone number and email address if possible. 

You do not have to provide the names of referees  necessarily and can just state that references can be provided on request. 

Special Request

Have you any other information to give us?

By sending this information I accept the Terms and Conditions of A&A Agency Ltd trading as CV Design  

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