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Organising Your C.V. 


candidateThe cheapest and simplest method of producing your C.V. is our online service.  We like to work with customers on an individual basis in order to ensure that their C.V. is perfect and therefore telephone and email discussions form an important part of the C.V. creation.   We do not offer a "walk in" service as confidentiality is a great concern and we try to keep costs to customers affordable.  Please telephone or email us.


Once contact has been made, please go to the price and order page on this website and select the type of C.V. required.  The facility to pay online is there.  Remember that you can also order an application letter as well as a C.V. 


When you have made payment please go to our C.V. Compilation page which details the basic information we require in order to produce your C.V.  Then email us at info@cvdesign.co.uk to confirm that you have made the payment together with the details we require.  If your require more information or clarification please mention this in the email or telephone us.  Your information is treated as strictly confidential and is not revealed to third parties.


Once we have the information and have been paid, we will then start work on your C.V. discussing its creation with you by email or by telephone - whichever is easier.  We do need to talk your C.V. through with you in order to be absolutely certain about what is best for you.


Allow five working days (based on a working week of Monday to Friday) and we will e-mail your proof copy to you.      Check this proof thoroughly and return it to us. We will make any alterations your require and then complete the C.V. and provide you with a pdf version CV for emailing.